It was April 22, 2012 and it was freezing! The radio station at Northern Kentucky University, WNKU 89.7 FM and the Black-N-Blue Roller Girls roller derby team sponsored a road rally and car show on the NKU campus.

Delayed one day by heavy rains, the show went on. Blustery cold air kept the crowds away, but there was a fairly strong showing of participants. About 22 cars cruised  the road rally around Alexandria, Kentucky and many more attended the show.

A wide array of cars and bikes made up the show field. Everything from a stock 1930 Packard to a very heavily modified VW Beetle were parked together in the University's lot. Muscle cars were well represented, some British cars came alone and even a Lotus was found in the mix!

Two  vehicles at the show are worthy of special mention. One, a 1969 BSA Lightning motorcycle in nearly pristine original condition  was a sight to behold. The other a beautifully restored 1950 GM transit bus. This bus illustrates the real world of classic transportation.  After all, how many people rode a bus such as this as compared to those who had fire-breathing Hemi 'Cudas in their garages?  

The Campus Police and Campbell County Fire Department  were on hand to let the youngsters climb all over the equipment and the roller girls skated about, greeting the spectators.

Check out the slide show. There wasn't much time to talk to the car owners on this foul-weather day, so if you know the owner (or you are the owner) drop us a line via Jake@CincyMotorBlog.com. We'd love to hear more about the stories behind these fine cars and bikes.

To learn more about the show sponsors, you can find them here:

WNKU Radio and Black N Bluegrass Roller Girls





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