Unseasonably cool weather didn’t seem to chill the spirit of the annual Vevay's On the River car show this year. Over 300 cars of varying years, makes, and models were registered to compete, and dozen more unregistered cars pack the grounds of Paul Ogle Riverfront Park.

Vevay, Indiana is exactly what comes to mind when you think of a small river town. The old storefronts appear just as they would have many decades ago, but many of the original businesses have now been replaced by art galleries or now stand empty. The American Legion post still serves the veterans and AJ’s Diner is as small town quaint as it gets.

After parking the Marauder (feature story to come), CMB and our buddy Chopper stopped in to AJ’s for a bite. We were greeted by a sassy-sweet waitress who took every order without a scrap of paper and carried six or seven plates at once without a tray. She informed Chopper that he was too late for the biscuits and gravy he had ordered and in the future he needed to “get on outta bed” if that’s what he wanted to eat. She was awesome.  (There are a couple of pictures of AJ's in the slideshow.)

Our bellies full of the finest greasy spoon cuisine, we walked many laps around the park grounds. The place was jammed-packed with cars, trucks, modern and classic motorcycles, tractors, and even semis of every stripe. There was a good showing of cars from most eras. The oldest was a curved dash Olds from 1901, the newest from 2014, and cars and trucks from every decade in between.

It was refreshing to see some of the more unusual makes represented including MGs and even an original Mini which was set-up for road racing. Jeeps, VWs, and a nearly perfect and unrestored 1976 AMC Matador were a nice change of pace from the typical car show crowd.

A personal favorite was the beautifully huge and ever so classy, 1960 Lincoln. Its owner bought it used in 1964 and has driven the car twice to the west coast and multiple times from Indiana to Florida. It’s a massive car with loads of comfort and even more style.

It was a long day. Registration closed at 11:00am and awards didn’t begin until 5:30 in the evening. And there were many awards – quite literally a trailer load of trophies were awarded.

We didn't get to speak to many of the owners, so if you're lucky enough to own one of these awesome vehicles, or know someone who does, let us know. We'd love to do a feature and tell your ride's story!  Contact through comments, Twitter, or shoot an email to jake@cincymotorblog.com

We'll be back in 2014 for sure, and maybe we'll be up in time for those biscuits. For more information on this show and other events in Switzerland County, Indiana, check out  http://www.switzcotourism.com/

Checkout the many pictures from the event below and look for a full feature on Chopper’s Marauder Jeep on CMB very soon.



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