I wasn't sure what subject to use as a kick-off for my new blog. I have a couple of car shows documented and a pile of pictures ready to upload. It would have made a lot of sense to start with one of those. But something happened this past week that a self-respecting car guy with an empty blog couldn't ignore.

A legend was lost on Thursday, May 9th. The great Carroll Shelby passed from this earth at the age of 89. I thought it fitting to list a few of his many accomplishments here as a tribute to the storied career of man who changed the definition of American automotive performance.  Rest in Peace Mr. Shelby.

Carroll Shelby (1923-2012)

Veteran pilot, husband, and father

24 of Le Mans champion driver

Set over 70 records on the Bonneville Salt Flats

1956 and 1957 Sports Illustrated Driver of the Year

1960 United States Auto Club Champion

Started one of the first high performance driving schools in the United States

Founded his own car company, Shelby American Inc.

Created the infamously powerful Shelby Cobra roadsters with AC Cars of England

Helped to re-engineer to the Ford GT40 to help Henry Ford II crush Ferrari at Le Mans

Created (with Ford) the rare and desirable 1965-1970 GT350 and GT500  Shelby Mustangs

Champion drag racing team owner

Created a Chili Mix company which was later purchased by Kraft Foods!!!

Created "performance" versions of Chrysler economy cars in the smoggy 1980's (just because he could)

Inducted into the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame in 1992

The only person to win Le Mans as a driver, a team owner, and a manufacturer (these were all separate races)

Founder of the Carroll Shelby Foundation http://www.cscf.org/

I sourced most of this information from his official site www.carrollshelby.com. Check it out for yourself!



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