OK, so maybe it's cheating to plop -down a couple of links to other places on the web and call it a blog post, but here it is. Forgive me. After spending quite a bit of time trying to explain to Mrs. CMB the "point" of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, I'm exhausted.

I will restate for the record here that keeping a car going at speeds nearing 200mph on a twisty road course virtually non-stop for 24 hours straight is "kind of a big deal".

Now on to the new post. I was reading a friend's blog about his scooter when I was struck by some things I remember from my air-cooled Volkswagen days. From other drivers wanting to run you down due to perceived slowness, to all of the gas station "experts' who will tell you all of the facts you've got wrong about your own ride, the trials of VW owners and the scooter-borne  are much the same.

Read this post by my friend and scoot pilot Marty:


After reading Marty's post, I remembered a thread on one of my old haunts, www.TheSamba.com. This site is the end-all of air-cooled VW sites. This particular string goes on for 46 pages of stoplight and gas pump silliness that comes with the joy of German economy and hippy history (and it's not the only thread on the subject!):


So, sorry for the copy/paste but I thought the similarity was interesting. I wonder what other modes are victims of such scorn and annoyances??


ps. A perfect image, no?



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