On May 5th, 2012, a charity antique car show of sorts was held to benefit Helping Hickory, an organization dedicated to assisting Bill "Hickory" Simpson. Bill has be diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease and the organization helps Bill with whatever he may need to keep-up his fight.

The show itself was small by most standards, but it was made-up of Bill's own friends and  family. There was a corn hole tournament, a prize raffle, and even a clown painting the faces of the many children in attendance.

On to the cars. Check out the slide show below. You may think you're looking at a bunch of ancient Fords.  And you're almost right about that. The rumble seat five window and the blue roadster are fine examples of restored Henry originals. The two model T's are as well.

The T's are obviously the oldest cars at the park and they have some unique features as antiques  go. One is a wooden cab pick-up with a mystery device attached to the bed. The rear fenders are also hinged. It looks like perhaps a dump bed configuration, but the hinges bend in the wrong direction for that. If anyone knows what this is, drop us a line!

The other T is full of vintage accessories. Check-out the water bag on the radiator, and the hot dog cooker under the hood! Heat from an 80-year-old engine cooks 'em right up! There is even a very nice wooden box in this car which was crafted by Hickory himself.

That leaves three "other" roadsters. These cars are well accessorized with  original Model A add-ons, but these aren't Henry Ford's cars. They are fiberglass reproduction cars from the early 1980's. They're Shays.

Shay Reproductions built these cars on Ford Pinto chassis and drive trains.  What sets the Shay cars apart from other reproductions is that Shays were actually sold through Ford dealerships as promotional items. If their fan site is to be believed, they were a huge success and drew thousands of new Ford buyers into their dealerships. They are well made cars with relatively modern reliability.

Read more about the Shay cars and their history here: http://shayhistory.com/

For more information on how to help end ALS, go to the ALS Association website at http://www.alsa.org/  




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