Well, the title pretty much says it all, but I thought it would be worthwhile to post-up some of our favorite greasy spots on the web.  The internet is a big place and there's a site for just about every niche of the motoring world so this list isn't meant to be comprehensive. Not even close. It's just an attempt to share thoughts and opinions  on some of our regular haunts. YMMV and your opinions are always welcome.

With that in mind, I'd love to hear where you virtually hang-out with your brother and sister gearheads.  Where's the best Mopar or Ford forum? Where do you Jeepers go to swap your "stuck in the backwoods" stories? Racing? Exotics -cars that is? Post your favorite sites (or your favorite sites to avoid) to the comments section. If we dig your selection too, we'll add it to the list.

To be clear, there's no affiliation between CMB and any of the sites described in this post. I don't know any more about the owners or moderators than any other random forum member.  There are no axes to grind or agendas pro or con. Each of the sites listed here has its own set of issues and the owners and moderators deal with those issues as they see fit.  So that's that and here we go!

Chevy Talk -

You've probably guessed what this one covers. It's all about Chevrolet. ChevyTalk.org has a well staffed and very active forum which includes Chevys from 1912 to 2014 models. It has a good search function and is well supported by sponsors.  Bowtie gurus abound.

The rules here are strictly enforced. Chevy Talk is a family friendly site. Profanity is not allowed and the mods won't hesitate to ban abusive members.


Hemmings Motor News is a staple of the classic automotive world.  Their publications are as old as the hobby and the site is a great place for general classic car information. Blogs, emails, print, classifieds and on and on.  If you're into cars, you already know Hemmings!

The Hokey Ass Message Board & Jalopy Journal (two-fer) -

The H.A.M.B. is the forum site for the Jalopy Journal, which is arguably the best site for traditional hot rods and customs on the web. The blog is insanely well written are definitely worth a look. The forum offers a wealth of information on anything you'd want to know about traditional hot rods.

I mention traditional hot rods a third time here because that is what this site is about.  It's not about Street Machines. It's not about Chip Foose. It's not about Tuner cars. The members there will let you know in the clearest language possible that there are posted rules about the subject matter to be discussed.  Go against those rules at your own peril. Most of the members have a healthy respect for the hobby in any form, but they'll let you know right away that the H.A.M.B. isn't the place for your Honda. In fact, if it's newer than 1963 and not built in a period-correct style, it probably doesn't belong there. 

But, if old school rod and customs are your thing and you don't mind a bit of salty garage language, this place is hard to beat.

The Samba -

TheSamba.com has been known for years to be the place to find anything you'd ever care to know about Volkswagens . Most of the content is geared towards the Air Cooled VW crowd, but there's a good deal of content for water pumper too.  The classifieds section is one of the best you'll find and they're policed very well by the staff.

The forum is an enormous library of Volksie knowledge. Some of the older members worked for VW when the old cars were new and have forgotten more than many will ever know about the People's Car. There are active members from all over the world.

 The members get cranky pretty fast if you fail to use the clunky-but-effective search function before you ask a question.  

 So before you ask if your Bug will really float on water or for instructions on how to get the heater working well, search and search again. Chances are very good that any basic VW question has been asked and answered many times over.

The rules are fairly basic on The Samba. Just be sure to post in the correct forum for your question, make sure it's VW related content and oh by the way,  use the search! Profanity to make a point is ok, but don't overdo it. 

The Stovebolt-

The best way to describe The Stovebolt is to call it the ChevyTalk of pre-1973 Chevrolet trucks. Go here for good humor and great details on classic bowtie hay-haulers.

 CMB Tip!

 Here a few things which are considered common courtesies on any community website or forum:

1. When you join, post an introduction. Most forums have a place for new members to tell the group a bit about themselves. You wouldn't just walk into someone's garage and just start talking, so think of an intro thread as your handshake and invitation to post.

2. Search before you ask.  Your situation isn't likely to be so unique that your question hasn't been asked before. Look around first.

3. Don't be a troll. Most sites have rules about what won't be tolerated in the forums. If you don't know the answer or don't care about the topic, just move on to something else. Also,  there are a million sites for arguing politics, religion, and other controversial topics. Please keep that junk out. Oh, and please-please-please give the Ford/Chevy/Dodge debate a rest. Please.



12/18/2013 6:08am

Thanks for sharing these with us I think I need to head over to thesamba.com as I am a bit of a Volkswagen nut myself


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