Sunday, September 30th 2012 was a beautiful day for CMB's favorite car show. It's not a secret to many that we love our classic Volkswagens and the annual Cincinnati Volkswagen Club Reunion show never disappoints.

The Show

This year's reunion was once again located at G.E. Park in Sharonville, Ohio. A beautiful setting with ample parking and easy access to the entire show field. The price of admission was only $5.00 for adults and kids under 12 were free. The event staff was friendly and accommodating. There were plenty of concessions and vendors to keep the crowd happy.

An artist had set-up a booth with handmade VW themed paintings, clocks, wall decorations, and hand-drawn t-shirt designs. A very talented and friendly individual.

There was also absurdly good pumpkin pie ice cream. Yep. You read that correctly.

The Crowd

It's hard to say why exactly, but VWs just seem to bring out an interesting cast of characters. Half the fun of any V-dub gathering is talking with the eclectic group of folks from all walks of life. Artists, wealthy businesspeople, regular Joes, racers, campers, swappers, and everyone in between was well represented.

We were talking with a man for several minutes before Mrs. CMB pointed-out that he was wearing a skirt. It was actually an other-than-plaid kilt. Nice guy. Didn't even notice the wardrobe. He had a beautiful later model classic bug.

The Cars

Of course, the whole point of this little trip to Sharonville was the cars. And were there ever cars. The most beautifully restored, un-restored, clean, ratty, new, and old Volkswagens and Porsches  were on the grass at G.E. Park. From a 1951 bug in its "as found in the barn" condition to modern, high-tech water-cooled cars, there was something for everyone in the field.

CMB has never witnessed as many early busses in one place. VW buses,  campers, single and double cabs, even a gorgeously restored 23 window deluxe rolled onto the show field.  There were plenty of later busses too, but the split windows steal the show for CMB.

The Pics

We snapped a ton of pictures at the show. I won't even attempt to caption them all. Scroll -on through and enjoy!

The Club

Check out everything the Cincinnati VW Club has to offer by visiting their website http://www.cincyvwclub.com/Home.aspx

 And come on out to the reunion next year!




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